Xtrig PHDS plus Scotts damper kit for KTM 690 Enduro 2011-2018

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This includes everything you need to install Xtrig PHDS and Scotts Steering damper on you KTM 690 Enduro 2011 to 2013.

If your KTM 690 uses the top triple clamp KTM part number 7650103403133 (all 690 2011 to 2018) then you can use this kit to install the PHDS impact and vibration dampener handle bar clamps plus the Scotts damper mount, two of the best units used by factory racing teams. 

Handlebar position

Our v2.0 damper mount clamp allows you to install the Xtrig PHDS (or stock clamps) in all 4 possible positions: There are two sets of threaded holes on the damper bracket you could use to install the handlebar closer or further away from the rider. Additionally you can flip the PHDS clamps to gain an extra 3mm offset. That gives you 4 possible positions to choose from.

The rise

The damper bracket gives you 20mm of rise. The PHDS clamps comes with 8mm optional risers (and two set of bolts to match the height) that you could use. We also sell riser blocks in 10mm increments with correct size titanium bolts if you would like more rise.

What is included in the kit:

  • Frame mount for the damper pin holder for your KTM 690 (2011-2018 only)
  • TripleClamp Moto damper mount bracket version 2.0. This has wider grip on the handlebars compared with stock
  • Titanium bolts ,M10 low-profile to fasten the damper bracket to the top triple clamp.
  • Xtrig PHDS handle bar clamps with standard rubbers (softer green and harder red rubbers are available separately)
  • Scotts steering damper (stabilizer) with standard link arm (Optional)