TripleClamp Moto Steering Damper for the KTM 790 Adventure

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TripleClamp Moto's  steering damper mount is a simple yet effective kit to install Scotts Performance's industry standard steering damper on your KTM 790 Adventure and Adventure R.

Special offer: Receive %10 discount on 790 HDPE covers and/or 790 steering damper kit when you buy a 790 Headlight kit at the same time.


  • 17mm of rise for your handle bar for better control when standing up. (additional bar risers  are available)
  • Four handle bar positions with incremental offsets to chose.
  • Solid mount made of billet aluminium.
  • Stainless Steel post mount for durability and strength. 

Life time warranty for the mount kit. All necessary hardware is included.

Important: If you want to use your own steering damper, you will need a "Stepped arm for 790" linkage arm installed on your damper. You can purchase that from us along with the special tool that is used to remove the linkage arm. 

Check on our site for all damper link arms and choose the one for the 790 and whether or not you need the damper link arm removal tool. Patent pending