HeadStraight with Steering Damper Kit for KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290 - All Years

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TripleClamp Moto has developed a proper, final fix for the common issue of the headlight mount post breaking on all KTM 1050/1090/1190/1190/1290 Adventure models.

As a bonus, our kits double as a mount for the Scotts steering damper, and come with cost-effective options. There's no need to buy a steering damper kit from anyone else when using our HeadStraight.

We painstakingly designed HeadStraight to be 100% bolt-on WITHOUT the need to disassemble your KTM's front end.

No more broken headlight mounts and no need to drill or clamp into the trellis frame for mounting a Scotts damper.

UPDATE: HeadStraight can even be used on bikes with BROKEN headlight mount posts. It will fully carry the weight of the headlight assembly on its own. It's that strong! Add a note with your order specifying that your bike's mount posts are already broken. We will include all the corrective hardware.

UPDATE #2: HeadStraight for 1090 and 1290 can be used in combination with BRP damper mount using a steering column clamp, without a hole for our damper pin.  If you wish to buy the BRP-compatible version, please note that in your order.


  • A two-in-one package. Frame post protector and a mount for the Scotts damper, the industry standard steering damper.

  • True reinforcement for all four mounting points of the headlight assembly on the frame. 
    • These mount points are known to break even under normal use -- not just from off road riding.
    • KTM has replaced numerous frames for bikes still under warranty, but is not honoring claims for bikes ridden offroad or those out of warranty!

  • The damper bracket offers minimal rise, with four different handlebar positions to suit everyone.

  • No alteration to the frame or plastics is required.

  • No need to disassemble anything for installation, apart from the tank top plastic trim.

  • May be purchased in three phases. Everything is designed to be modular:

    • HeadStraight Base : Includes everything required to reinforce the headlight mount posts, but with no damper mounting parts. (You can upgrade this kit to Full anytime, should you want to install a Scotts damper)

    • HeadStraight Full: For riders who already have a Scotts damper. Includes HeadStraight Base kit, all parts to install a Scotts damper and the arm needed to install your damper.

    • HeadStraight Full With Damper: Includes all the above, plus a new Scotts damper with the correct arm pre-installed on it.

    • HeadStraight Upgrade to damper kit: If you have the HeadStraight Base installed on your bike and wish to add a Scotts damper mount, select this option. You must have the HeadStraight Base to be able to use the upgrade kit. 

This modular configuration allows you to purchase the HeadStraight BASE first, then upgrade it with the TripleClamp Moto damper mount kit later.

Only TripleClamp Moto produces a bolt-on kit that provides all this functionality and safety without the need to take your front end apart. And it's 100% designed and made in North America and 100% guaranteed for life. 

Please note:

Our kits for 1090/1190/1290/1050 are different due to design differences in bike frames. Rest assured, all our kits offer identical and full functionality. Please select your bike from the options to view the exact kit you will receive.

Installation instructions available on the Download page.