RNS GFX Tripmaster

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The brand new RNS GFX 2019 Tripmaster is here to provide the perfect all-in-one solution to have a cap repeater with arrow to connect to ERTF GPS or to GARMIN GPS, wheel sensor trip, but also GPS trip, so if you break the wheel sensor you will always have your Tripmaster working.

Did you know that the new TripMaster GFX is a 3-in-1 navigation instrument?

For traditional functions like trip and speed, it can now acquire its data from a wheel sensor + GPS, which is a brand new feature. It works with both sources simultaneously so there is no either/or when choosing how you wish to operate the unit.

Thanks to GPS it can, of “course”, also show your CAP heading.

It also possesses the feature of functioning as a repeater for external devices and can display valuable data, like the arrow to a waypoint for example, from many Garmin models and other special GPS devices.