KTM 990/950 TripleClamp Moto Airfilter system UPGRADE kit to v3.0

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This kit will upgrade our early version airfilter systems to version 3.0

What's included:

  • Two filter bolts (stainless threaded stems with grey anodized billet aluminum knobs with laser marked TripleClamp Moto's logo)
  • Two fresh silicone high quality seals for under the baseplate. 
  • Upgraded white filter cage (with removable posts)
  • Two filter posts (billet aluminum posts anodized in sexy orange) - these will sit inside the filter over the filter cage. The older version had the filter cage and posts all in one piece. With this upgrade it's easier to install and remove the cage.
  • Crank Breather filter - a larger and better breather filter. The early version were supplied with sponge filters that had a limited life-span. There should out last the bike!

This upgrade kit can be used on both 990 and 950 KTM all models.

Updated filter skin and updated foam airfilter are available separately.