HDPE Engine Covers - Husaberg 70 degree clutch and stator covers

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Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these covers are tough! 

Fit all 70 degree Husaberg motorcycles :

2009 to 2012 Husaberg FE390 ,FE450 and FE570 as well FS570 and FS450

Stainless steel spacers and correct size bolts are included. Installation takes only a few minutes. Available as individual side pieces or as a set for total engine protection. 

 Please note that these engine covers are made of impact and abrasion resistant materials and may appear to have an inconsistent finish and overall look. The priority and focus of these covers is to provide the utmost protective function and so the insides may appear rough, the outsides may have fine marks or similar and the bolt spacers may appear roughed in. This is the nature of the material and the manufacturing process and in no way do any of these subjective blemishes affect the covers’ ability to protect your engine cases from abrasion and minor impacts.