ADVocator - KTM 950/990 Adventure Headlight Upgrade Kit

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Put a visual nuclear weapon on your KTM 950/990 ADV

The stock 950/990 ADV incandescent headlight doesn’t light up a trail at night well enough for hardcore riders. External auxiliary lights can help, but still leave you with a weak main headlight. Plus, aux lights get misaligned and broken off during aggressive offroading. After the success of our 9500-lumen ErzBURGER retrofit for the 950SE, we turned to creating an even more badass solution for the ADV.

9,500 + 2,450 lumens utilizing 6 LEDs in OEM housing

The ADVocator lets you fit the ultra-penetrating Baja Designs’ XL80 dimmable 4-bulb LED unit, PLUS the S2 Pro light pack straight into the OEM headlamp housing (both EU and US models). Baja Designs makes the best, most compact plug & play lighting packages available on the market today. 

The killer fix for hardcore 950/990 ADV offroaders

This light solution is rated for offroad use only, but the addition of the dimming/dipping mechanism, while not DOT-compliant, will keep you seeing well and well seen, without searing the corneas out of the eyes of oncoming humans.


  • XL80 with 9500 lumens drawing 80W for low and high-beams. Dimmable down to 20% of full power for low-beam.
  • Uses factory handlebar switches.

  • S2 Pro at 2450 lumens and 24W draw operates off the marker light cable. The S2 alone is at least twice as powerful as the stock light! 

  • Compatible with KTM Euro-switch, which allows for switching off lights individually.

  • Fits perfectly inside your bike's OEM headlight housing, maintaining the uniform factory look, protecting your lights behind the original lens.

  • Minimal modification to factory headlight wiring harness required, but easy to DIY.
  • Remains fully adjustable using the stock headlight adjustment screw.

Technical info:

This kit converts OEM headlight housing into an offroad-ready unit. It includes all hardware: LED lights, brackets, wiring harness and instructions. You need to remove the lens from the light housing and enlarge the two holes in the back of the housing. The lens does not need to be glued back in place. This permits access to the lights for cleaning.

The OEM headlight harness is used, but with a small modification for the marker light plug (explained in your manual). You'll need to cut the wires going to the marker light and crimp a connector to them (included in the kit). We can include a new plug-and-play harness (at an additional cost) if you don't wish to modify yours. Just include it in your order.

How the ADVOcator works with the OEM handlebar switch

The larger (XL80) light has both high and low-beam settings. In low-beam, it operates at 20% intensity. Dimming level can be adjusted when a different harness with a programmable dimmer is used (available separately). We find 20% dimming to be perfect.

The smaller S2 Pro light connects to the marker light wiring. It is always on in US model bikes, while EU handlebar switches enable the rider to turn off the S2 and the XL80. The EU switch is fully compatible with this kit and can be added to all other models.

Fits EU/US/AU bikes

The ADVocator kit fits all EU, US and AU OEM headlight housings.

No additional power draw 

The ADVocator actually draws LESS amperage from the electrical system than the OEM light package, despite producing 400% more light output! There's no need to upgrade anything on your bike's electrical system (battery, stator, etc).


We have field-tested the ADVocator vigorously on long distance rides, aggressive trails and in dusty, wet and hot conditions with zero issues. 


This unit ompatible with all KTM 990 and 950 Adventure bikes from model years 2003 to 2013 and all 990 SuperDuke and SuperDuke R models.

KTM part# 60014001000 or 60014801000