BRP - Honda Africa Twin Adventure 2018 and 2019 SPORT Adjustable SUB Mount & Tower

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This SUB Mount allows you to run the bars in two positions: 10mm or 20mm in front of the steering stem. Handlebar height remains the same. Stock Bar position is 4mm behind the steering stem or 12mm in front of steering stem.

BRP SUB Mounts are designed exclusively to fit OEM, BRP or Scotts triple clamps. In some cases, we may have one that will work on other aftermarket triple clamps. If you have a triple clamp other than the OEM, BRP or Scotts, please contact us and ask if we have an application that will work. BRP is an authorized Scotts Stabilizer dealer and service center with extensive knowledge of stabilizer mounting applications. We have a complete line of stabilizer mounting applications and replacement parts. We offer complete service on all Scotts stabilizers.

We send an off-road (Dual-sport) damper with the Full kit. If you need a Road damper please contact us after you place your order. The off-road damper does not provide return to center dampening which is ideal for dual-sport use.