PROpeller: KTM 950/990 LC8 Waterpump Upgrade

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PROpeller: Coolivate your LC8

All 950/990 owners know the sensation: You’re riding technical single track or inching your way through an endless rut, with fans blazing. The engine’s technically not overheating, but it’s not exactly having the time of its life either. If you’re like us, you’d just feel better if your honey ran about 25% cooler, and not have your legs on perma-slowroast.


Compelled to impel

TripleClamp redesigned the LC8 impeller to transport more coolant around the engine at a faster rate than the stock unit. Baby runs less hotly, and so do you.

Installation time including coolant refill, burping and top-up is about an hour. It’s cool runnings from here on in. The KTM bigger dualsports have been using this method of added cooling power for years – now you can enjoy the same benefits on your beloved LC8.