BRP Steering damper kit with rubber mount - KTM 790

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Another option to install a Scotts damper on your KTM 790 Adv in addition to the TripleClamp Moto kit  is the BRP damper kit. This product has the added feature of rubber vibration isolation bushings for the handlebar:

The BRP Rubber Mounted SUB "Scotts Under Bar" Mount uses (8) Poly-Urethane bushings.

NOTE: This kit will require a Scotts Steering Stabilizer with a reverse mounted Plus 8mm Longer Link Arm (+8mm Link Arm Included in this kit).


1x BRP Rubber Mounted SUB Mount
2x Sets of Rubber Bushings -(Red = Medium and Blue = Soft.) & All Necessary Hardware.
1x BRP Frame Bracket
1x +8mm Longer Link Arm
1x Link Arm Puller Tool

  • This Kit Raises the handlebars 25mm taller than stock and puts the bars at 19mm in front of the steering stem (which is 4.5mm in front of the stock stock handlebar position)