TripleClamp Moto Racing Air Filter System

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For all KTM 950 and 990 models ( Adventure , SE, SM , SMR, SMT)

Note: please make sure that you carefully select the correct kit for your bike - either a 950 or 990  it does NOT matter which model you have so long as you select the correct engine size.

Key features:

  • Precision cut base plates and filter cages.

  • Foam filter can be separated from its cage for cleaning.

  • 100% perimeter seal with no compromise. The filter element is sandwiched between the base plate and the filter cage just like the factory KTM rally bikes; zero dust because our filter is perfectly sealed all around. The other systems rely on an unreliable hinge on one side with two fasteners on the other. No more guessing if your filter is fully installed.

  • Dry foam filters - use your favourite oil and cleaner; all are compatible. Triple layer. Easy to simply roll up and pack in your bag or even a jacket pocket because they’re not part of the filter cage.

  • Filter changes take two minutes! No tools required.

  • We include a high performance crankcase breather filter - no need to buy one separately.

  • Precise density SILICONE o-rings for the base plate. We don’t like rubber because it tends to harden and crack over time. We don’t like foam because they don’t last. These o-ring seals will last forever.

  • Attention 950 Super Enduro owners; no need to cut your velocity stacks!!! 

Our system includes the following:

  • Base plate and filter cage plate
  • TWO main foam filters. Yes, TWO of them; roll up your spare filter for long trips and ease of maintenance
  • Base plate silicone o-rings
  • Crankcase breather hose filter and clamp
  • Two filter system bolts 

Installation instruction is available in Downloads page of our website.

Notes: this system is for racing and is not claimed to be road legal. Like with all open air filter systems, it is strongly recommended to tune your air fuel ratio when installing this.