Maxima Air Filter Cleaner/FAB 1 Combo Kit

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2 Pack Contains: Maxima Air Filter Cleaner 15.5 oz and Fab1 Spray-on Air Filter Oil 13 oz. A clean and perfectly oiled air filter provides maximum airflow and increased horsepower. For use on motorcycles and ATV's.

Maxima Air Filter Cleaner is a heavy-duty emulsion-type cleaner designed to thoroughly clean both foam and fabric air filters without damaging foam cells, paper or glue. It will remove oil and dirt from air filter elements and easily washes out with water.

Rated #1 by Dirt Rider magazine. FAB1 spray-on synthetic air filter oil (same proven formula as FFT) provides unequaled protection against the elements. The proven formula will not plug foam cells or migrate off of filters. Fab1's protective coating catches dirt and fine dust without restricting airflow.May be used on foam and fabric filters. Water-resistant.

This 2 pack is the ultimate air filter cleaner and oil combo kit on the market.